Someth-ing Summer

May 31

The strapping strong
fun loving father
with sons loving
life with ‘Dad’.

Every day [with its new reasons]
will I bless You

[affectionately and gratefully praise You];
yes, I will praise Your name
forever and ever.
Psalm 145:2

The son born second,
soon to be 20,
faces life ripping
& requiring him
to let go
of his stallion ‘Dad’
at 17.
The caring for the
shadow of ‘Dad’,
watching the stallion
respond to life as lamb
in all acceptance & patience
& gentleness,
bears an eternal fruit.
A 2 year letting go
enables a now taking
in of something eternal.
The saving of a soul
is good even
among the depths
of sorrowing
& releasing.

The vivid
reminder of brimming
elder son’s eyes,
cracking the mother
wide open, speaking
where is ‘Dad’
yet recognizing
some glimpses here
& there.
The yes
& no-ing
to opportunity-s
of adventure thus
bearing the fruit of an
anointed calling
& broadening shoulders
above a deepening well
of character
& kindness
is beautiful.

“Something beautiful.
Something good.
All my confusion
He understood.
All I had to offer Him
was brokenness
& strife
but He made
something beautiful
of my life.”

The redemptive words
that brought
this mother to her knees
in summer
35  years ago,
still standing true
as summer


  1. Maria Delgado /

    what captivating words.

  2. I tell ya sweetie pie…this post was near & dear to my heart…salvation & sons & their ‘Dad’.

    You have a wonderful weekend. I am going to try those lemon cookies !!

  3. Maria Delgado /

    🙂 I just read this again. It was so beautiful.

  4. Mel & Sandra Sanders /

    Dear Bonnie,
    Sandra just found your blog and we have been reading intently. We are so very saddened by what has happened to Kevin, and the resulting stress it has placed on you and Daniel and Jared. We are sure that your sons will be able handle whatever comes their way because of the strong Christian leadership and knowledge Kevin and you imparted to them. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. You have moved to the top of our prayer list.

    • Dearest Sandra & Mel
      How precious to hear from you.
      Oh our God is faithful & we do still need prayer.
      You come see us anytime !!

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